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Autumn Inspired Kitchen Ideas

Autumn is the favourite season for many people in the UK. With cooler weather and so many beautiful colours around, there’s no wonder that people love autumn time. This is why some homeowners have begun decorating their houses with a festive autumn style. Having an autumn inspired kitchen is a great way to make the heart of your home feel warm, comfortable and homely. Here are some ideas if you are interesting in bringing autumn in to your kitchen, whether it is permanent or temporary decoration: 

  • Colours – If you want to paint your walls with a fresh, autumn inspired colour, go for a warm yellow, red or burnt orange. Traditional kitchens west Sussex and rustic country kitchens look great when decorated with autumn shades.  
  • Wall decoration – If you would prefer to decorate your walls with something less permanent throughout the season, there are plenty of ideas to adorn your kitchen walls with. Use fallen autumn leaves to make a piece of art, hang a wreath, or place pumpkins and gourds on shelves. 
  • Centrepieces – Placing a centrepiece on your island or dining table is a great way to bring some life to your kitchen. Fill a bowl or a vase with acorns, small gourds, wicker balls and fallen leaves.  
  • Scents – To really get the festive feel of autumn mild scents are perfect in the kitchen. Use oil diffusers or scented candles with autumn smells such as pumpkin, spice, cinnamon or apple pie.  
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Understand everything from Lightroom’s catalog

As I said in my article on the choice of a software for the photo, Adobe Lightroom is an extremely powerful tool, which covers all the needs of the photographer, from the sorting to the cataloging, by way of the actual treatment of course .

But here it is, it has a peculiarity that scares many people: the catalog. These fears are understandable, because without explanation the concept may seem obscure, especially  if  the computer makes you as comfortable as a teen is at his first appointment. But they are unjustified, believe me. It’s a lot simpler than you think, and I’ll prove it to you.

I just want you to promise me something before I start: DO NOT PANIC. These fears are in your head. Promised. It will not hurt. You just have to trust me for a few minutes .

This article was written in parallel with a video in which I show a lot of things in a visual way. Both are complementary, so do not hesitate to watch it

What is the Lightroom catalog?

The catalog is simply a computer file (NOT PANIC), just like a .pdf file, or .doc, or .mp3.

While an mp3 file contains music, the Lightroom catalog file contains various information, including:

The location of the photos on your hard drive (in any case, those you have imported into the catalog, we come back to it)
The touch-ups you made on it (contrast, exposure, etc.)
The keywords you applied
The notes given to the photos

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