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Accessories and settings for taking photos in the dark

As you know, the darkness is arranged in such a way that it absorbs everything around it.

That is why it is not possible to take a high-quality picture without special settings and accessories.

And shooting with your hands in the dark and at night is almost inapplicable, because it is fraught with noise.

Accessories and settings for taking photos in the dark
There are two main photo accessories that help us shoot at night:

If there are no designated “assistants”, novice photographers use another method: high ISO.

Let’s talk about it first.

How to take photos in the dark?

Shooting with high ISO
The purpose of the method is to ensure that the exposure time on the camera is sufficient to exclude blurred photos.

How to take photos in the dark?

By raising the ISO, you can reduce the shutter speed to a value that will give you a clear photo without moving or blurring.

In General, this is a good method, but with a small caveat: raising the ISO causes digital noise, and everything depends on the matrix of your camera. The worse it is, the stronger the digital noise in the photo will be.

Flash photography
First of all, remember that, whatever the flash (mounted, built-in), it is able to illuminate only a few meters.

How to take photos in the dark?

Therefore, this method is good for night shooting portraits, interiors, not too large buildings… That is, what the lighting that the flash can provide will be enough for.

Usually, all flashes work well in automatic and semi-automatic modes on the native camera. This makes the task of an inexperienced photographer easier.

Use a tripod
This is probably the most sensible way to take photos in the dark.

How to take photos in the dark?

With a tripod, you can use long exposures without the risk of getting a smudge and a wiggle in the pictures. And you will not need to raise the ISO (in other words, with a tripod, you can set the minimum ISO value).

If you do not have this device for some reason, try using any surface suitable for installing the camera, and most importantly, ensure its immobility.

And, of course, don’t forget about the other two options for shooting at night:

Applying high ISO;
The use of a flash.
Recommendations for shooting at night
Setting the exposure meter
Before you start shooting, set exposure metering to the average illuminance.

Take pictures without the built-in flash. Otherwise, it will illuminate absolutely not what you would like, and leave the most important thing in the dark.

How to take photos in the dark?

At night, it is better to use manual focus. In this case, adjust the focus yourself, pointing at the main object of photography.

How to take photos in the dark?

ISO value
Let this value be minimal.

Balance the lack of aperture values with a long shutter speed (from 8 to 30 seconds) or using the BULB mode (where the shutter speed is set manually).

Tripod and other accessories
Use a tripod, trigger cable, or remote control.

If you don’t have these accessories, turn on the timer mode with a 2-second shutter delay.

How to take photos in the dark?

It is also advisable to use the “Mirror Lock-Up” function. Thanks to it, you can raise the mirror in advance before descending.

raw format
It is preferable to shoot in this format. Then you won’t have any problems editing your images.

Look for a middle ground
You should find a middle ground in the lighting and layout of the frame in order not to cut off parts of the object being shot.

How do I photograph people?
To shoot a person who is stationary, set the aperture to minimum and the shutter speed to 1/15.

How to take photos in the dark?

For a person in motion, the shutter speed is from 1/60 to 1/500, and the ISO value is up to 1600.

Priority should be given to using a reflector or lens (softbox). Then the model’s complexion will be more natural, without obvious overexposure.

Shooting cars
To get multi-colored ribbons when photographing cars, set a long shutter speed of 20-30 seconds (do not forget about the tripod and the remote control for the shutter release).

How to take photos in the dark?

It is better to take photos from above.

When there is road traffic, the headlights need a shutter speed of 30 seconds., “star trail” may take more than thirty minutes.

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