Exposition. The exposure compensation
Exposure is the amount of light needed to create a photo. Nothing complicated. The exposure is dosed with fixed assets: Extract Aperture ISO sensitivity value Flash (or other lighting devices)…

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Shutter speed or, as it is also called, shutter speed is directly related to the transmission of motion in images. When shooting still subjects with a fixed camera, the shutter…

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Light is the heart of photography. The camera does not see the image. There are no lines, shapes, or textures for it. A film or digital sensor is only susceptible…

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What is a rural photo landscape?

The rural landscape displays a special style of life and everyday life of the village. Thanks to the photo with it, we can observe the harmonious coexistence of nature and man.

The main subjects of this image are either the village against the background of nature, or the nature around the village.

What is a rural photo landscape?
Rural landscape has always been a favorite genre of many artists. They depicted the nature of the village as pure, pristine, inviting and fascinating with its ease and splendor. This also attracts photographers.

Rural landscapes are completely incomparable with urban ones. The latter demonstrate an uninspiring reality: Smoking factory chimneys, grayness, and urban backyards.

But rural landscapes give hope for a beautiful future.

In this area, we see an extraordinary expanse of sky, water, plains, and working with open spaces without edges, open spaces gives the shooting process uniqueness.

Recommendations for photographing rural areas
Photography season
First of all, you should find an interesting rural landscape.

Many photographers start by looking at the selected area at different times of the day, in different weather, and sometimes in different seasons. This allows you to understand when the landscape looks most spectacular.

Summer is not the best time to photograph a village. The fact is that at this time, the green color prevails, and therefore you have to use a blue filter to add saturation to the sky.

However, there are undoubtedly positive aspects: you are given a great opportunity to photograph beautiful flowering plants. The most important thing is to build the frame in such a way that beautiful flowers are in the foreground.

And yet, the most favorable season for photographing the rural landscape is autumn. In the autumn months, nature is especially colorful, and we see before us a colorful canvas of natural beauty.

Rural landscape (genre of rural or rural landscape in photo art)

Another small tip: whenever you go to shoot, study the weather forecast first.

Reconnaissance with a camera
It’s a good idea to go exploring with a camera.

Explore the area with a radius of 50-80 km, try to capture all the remarkable views, individual elements. Think about what you see will be able to decorate your composition.

For example, when shooting in cloudy gray weather, add an unusual tree shape to the composition.

Also, the houses of the villagers look interesting on the village landscape.

The placement of objects in the photo
First, define a guide line: for example, a road, a river… This will be the plot-forming link.
Choose the viewing angle, the best shooting height. So, the position much higher than the eye level is the best for panoramic photos.
When selecting a tree as the semantic center of the frame, do not allow the horizon line to cross its trunk exactly in the center.
Sometimes there may be too many human-made elements in the frame (such as power lines). In this case, it is advisable to exclude them. Choose a shooting angle from which they will not fall into the frame.
Camera filters
When photographing rural areas, 2 types of filters are most often used:

The first – makes the colors brighter, neutralizes clouds. It also reduces the light reflexes that are reflected by the foliage, however, adding to its expressiveness and juiciness.

Rural landscape (genre of rural or rural landscape in photo art)

A gradient filter is good when you need to make less contrast between the first plan and the sky.

This filter is possible with a rough transition (used if the horizon is uniform) or a soft transition (when there are trees or hills on the horizon, you need to use a soft transition filter).

Dynamics in the rural landscape in the photo
You can’t look away from a photo when it shows objects such as:

Rough rivers, waves;
Snow, rain;
Moving people, animals…
In a rural landscape, the dynamics can be transmitted by rain streams. To do this, you need to use a relatively long shutter speed.

When there is an image of people, animals, birds in the landscape, it is very important to use the moment of shooting.

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