Basic settings of the camera
I recommend that any novice photographer actively use the camera's automation whenever possible. This applies to matrix metering, autofocus, automatic white balance, and everything else that can only be automated,…

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How many colors are there?
We see the world in color, hence the special realism and appeal of color photography, especially since modern digital cameras that shoot in color by default make it extremely accessible.…

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Abstract photography
Abstract photography is a kind of art form, it shows things not in the usual sense, familiar to many, but in unexpected colors, shapes and lines. The photographer must abstract…

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Why do I need a stock photo?

Stock photography is a photo image of good quality on a specific topic that is placed for sale in special online platforms-photo banks.

Why do I need a stock photo?
Most often, these images are purchased by artists and designers, webmasters, advertising agencies, magazine and newspaper editors.

Renting a photo Studio to get the right picture can be problematic, and photo banks provide a large selection of inexpensive images on different subjects. Thus, photo banks act as intermediaries between the photographer and the consumer.

By purchasing a stock photo, the consumer acquires a license to use it. It can be regular or extended. Its variety affects the possibility of using the photo in the future.

The price of a photo is influenced by parameters such as the size and subscription plan. Each online resource sets its own pricing policy, so the prices in the stocks may be different. Some photo stocks offer service packages to attract customers, where the number of downloads affects the cost.

What is a stock photo?

Placing images in photo banks can bring a good income to the photographer, who is paid a fee for the material provided.

The author is paid about 50% of the amount received from the client for the image. The amount of remuneration depends on the status of the photographer, the number of his works and the type of contract concluded between him and the Internet resource.

What are photo banks?
Under photo banks or photo stocks, we mean organizations that have a database of images and that provide the right to use them for a fee. When purchasing a photo image, the photobank is obliged to pay the Creator a fee.

The databases of such organizations contain completely different materials: photographs, vector and raster illustrations, 3D model renderings, video recordings, 3D animation, flash animation, audio recordings, etc.

Such resources, being an intermediary between the photographer and the buyer, are interested in attracting customers. To do this, they need to have a variety of material in their database.

Photostocks perform all routine duties for advertising existing works, searching for buyers, negotiating with them, organizing sales, transferring funds, and protecting the rights of authors and consumers.

What is a stock photo?

The creators of the material, for their part, only perform the work, upload it to the selected Internet resource and dispose of the funds that the stock transfers to them in case of sale.

For novice authors, this is a great way to earn money and gain experience.In addition, working with stock photos will help non-professionals pay for their hobby.

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