Hunting for color
Pink cloud Nature is self-sufficient in its beauty, and its beauty shines whether anyone looks at it or not. Most people never see really beautiful flowers in their daily lives…

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Аuto mode
Fully automatic or green mode does not need to be introduced. The camera thinks about everything here. Not only the shutter speed and aperture, but also autofocus, flash, white balance,…

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Features of color correction in Photoshop
The work of the color corrector mainly consists in processing images (and other material) that are being prepared for output to devices. Often, processing causes a lot of problems for…

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Adding volume to a photo

Human vision is binocular, which means that we have an excellent perception of the shape and volume of objects in space, regardless of the light.

But in photography, everything is different: it is two-dimensional, flat, completely dependent on light, which often distorts the shape and volume of individual elements.

The optimal ratio of shadow and light will help add volume to the photo, provide the effect of three-dimensional space, mark the texture, and give the image the appropriate mood and emotions.

Adding volume to a photo
In portraits, the situation is exactly the same as in any other photos.

Using front lighting (or flash) when the subject is in the center of the frame, unfortunately, you will only achieve the effect of a flat shot. The photo will turn out to be superficial, with a distortion of reality due to the lack of depth.

It is easy to guess that such a picture will not be very attractive.

Transferring the shape of an object to a photo
However, as soon as you skillfully arrange the lighting, make an effort to build the correct light scheme, the frame will immediately find a completely different mood, texture.

The portrait will have such an important depth and volume. The shape of the object being photographed will not be distorted.

This way you will add professionalism to your photos.

Here’s the whole secret of a three-dimensional image.

Volume and shape in the photo
The main thing is to avoid front light, to organize lighting so that the light source is slightly to the side, slightly above the subject of photography.

Illusion of volume in a photo
What should I do to create the illusion of volume?

The separation of the photo on the plans. Place objects in front and behind;
Creating an aerial perspective. To do this, make the deleted objects less clear;
Toning with cold shades, warm tones;
Creating a geometric perspective;
The use of diagonals. Thanks to them, the viewer’s eye glides along the lines;
Using vignetting to highlight foreground objects;
Taking into account shadows, highlights.
Volume and shape in the photo
In summary, we will highlight the main rules of shadow and glare:

Shadow necessarily adds volume to the picture;
The texture of the surface of individual elements in the photo can be expressed due to the size of the glare, as well as the blurring of its borders.
The volume is most clearly visible in subject photography, in particular, this applies to images of food.

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