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Genre household photography

A genre of photographic art dedicated to everyday personal and social life (usually contemporary to the photographer) is called household photography.

Transmission through the camera of everyday life – there is a genre photography.

Genre household photography
Often images have a documentary basis.

Genre images, in fact, have a great similarity with reportage.

The photographer is required to be able to reflect life as it is. So in the photo it is possible to capture playing children, grandmothers, sweeping the yard, a homeless man, begging for alms etc.

Household photography tasks
Household photography is characterized by the transfer of the emotional state of both the photographer and the objects themselves. In this photo, we can see the delight and tears, charm and irritation.

The main task of this genre is to portray reality as it is. The photo should convey to a greater extent not a specific event, but the fullness, brightness, and uniqueness of the moment.

In General, an accident, a moment is incredibly important for creating a truly memorable genre photo: miss such a second – and that’s all, a valuable frame is irrevocably lost.

A professional working in the genre of household photography should be able to predict the moment and action during the observation process.

Domestic photography (the genre of domestic photography in photography)

To develop this skill, you need to monitor people on a regular basis. As a result, a set of behavioral reactions, as well as gestures preceding them, will be imprinted in the subconscious.

It is equally important to remember the composition. If you notice a story, imagine how it will look in the frame.

How to learn how to take beautiful pictures in a household genre?
The domestic skills of the photographer
Since we are talking about a photo of the moment, you will then begin to shoot it perfectly when you learn to evaluate and compose a picture in just one moment, just holding the camera to your eyes and looking into the viewfinder.

What abilities and skills should a genre household photographer have?

Know, own technology. It is easy to guess that the time to take a photo will be very, very limited. This means that your hands must do everything automatically;
Be able to notice what is not noticeable to others;
Ability to catch, anticipate the moment, and pull the trigger in time;
Be able to remain unnoticed.
When people notice that they are being photographed, they immediately stop being natural and start posing. And this makes it impossible to take a genre picture (in the case when deliberate mannerism is not the intention of the photographer).

Ways to stay invisible
Using a telephoto lens;
Sudden shooting without raising the camera;
Photographing when a person is already getting used to the raised camera and ceases to respond to it (also, when the person being photographed takes the camera out of their own area of attention, being distracted by something else).
Tips for the genre of domestic photography
First of all, you need to get acquainted with as many great photos as possible.

Buy albums with works by outstanding photographers. Visit the sites of famous photo artists and watch.

This will help you subconsciously get a sense of a good photo.

Domestic photography (the genre of domestic photography in photography)

But any theory will not be very useful without practice. So shoot as often as possible. View, analyze the received photos, compare them with the photos of others.

“Commandments” of a household photographer
Take up the ten commandments of a photojournalist:

Study your camera;
Your camera should always be with you;
Look at your face from the point of view of the lens;
The main thing – the theme, then-the plot, then-shooting;
Think sharp, wait patiently, work fast;
More new, original, less antics, originality;
A picture that does not have an exact signature or date is not suitable for printing;
Take life as it is, there is no need for dramatizations;
Choose a job on the shoulder. Take pictures of what you are good at;
Mistakes, failures teach, do not stop.
These commandments apply to the genre of household photography to the same extent.

And the second commandment you should adopt now. If you are still starting your journey as a photographer, do not go anywhere without a camera, shoot interesting scenes for you.

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