What is a rural photo landscape?
The rural landscape displays a special style of life and everyday life of the village. Thanks to the photo with it, we can observe the harmonious coexistence of nature and…

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How to get it in practice
What could be simpler? Take a picture; Take a look at the histogram; If the exposure is in order-it's in the hat; If the histogram indicates underexposure or overexposure, use…

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Light is the heart of photography. The camera does not see the image. There are no lines, shapes, or textures for it. A film or digital sensor is only susceptible…

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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Accessories and settings for taking photos in the dark

As you know, the darkness is arranged in such a way that it absorbs everything around it.

That is why it is not possible to take a high-quality picture without special settings and accessories.

And shooting with your hands in the dark and at night is almost inapplicable, because it is fraught with noise.

Accessories and settings for taking photos in the dark
There are two main photo accessories that help us shoot at night:

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Types of photo image stabilizer and their description

Cameras are changing significantly under the influence of new technologies.

Today, they weigh much less than earlier models. In this regard, there is a risk of getting a fuzzy image due to the inability to keep the static position of the lens.

The image stabilizer should solve this problem (this device may be called a “vibration compensator”in some manufacturers’ devices).

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Time of day
Not every beautiful scene always looks really beautiful. Moreover, as a rule, we must make a lot of effort, show patience and observation to show the subject in its best…


Incandescent lamps (Tungsten or Incandescent)
Very cold balance, designed to neutralize the orange light of incandescent lamps with a color temperature of about 3000 K. Images taken in the evening under artificial light, in the…


What is bokeh?
Bokeh (English. bokeh; YAP. 暈け or ボケ – "blurring") is a characteristic of the aesthetic qualities of the image area that lies out of focus, i.e. outside the grip area.…