Аuto mode
Fully automatic or green mode does not need to be introduced. The camera thinks about everything here. Not only the shutter speed and aperture, but also autofocus, flash, white balance,…

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Geographical latitude
I am writing this in the most temperate climate, being in the fifty-fourth degree of North latitude. In the southern regions, the light changes much faster, both in the morning…

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When all else fails
Are you still unhappy with the sharpness of your images? Isn't it too much you want? A digital camera is basically not capable of providing absolute sharpness. Most photo sensors…

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Monthly Archives: July 2018


Don’t shoot thoughtlessly. Although your emotional reaction to the scene may be spontaneous, it should lead to a non-spontaneous act of shooting that requires attention and accuracy. Negligence at work leading to annoying frustrations, as well, in General, the frame is under further study, is hopelessly flawed because of a miss-focus, push the camera during exposure, or some undetected mistakes. And it’s not always possible to go back and reshoot.

That’s why you need regular practice, so that at the crucial moment you don’t start to remember convulsively where the exposure correction button is located on your camera or how to turn on the flash? Continue reading


Enthusiasm is the basis of success. No creative activity is possible without enthusiasm. Nothing can replace it. It is much more important than any knowledge and experience, because it itself gives a person both experience and knowledge. Knowledge and experience are absolutely powerless without enthusiasm.

Fading enthusiasm is what doomed my scientific career to failure. Fortunately, I realized in time that I was not doing my job. Many people do not understand this, or maybe they are just afraid to admit their mistake, stubbornly continuing to do someone else’s work. The effectiveness of the operation to be performed without enthusiasm, is negligible.

What is enthusiasm? I understand it not just as a sense of purpose, but as an emotional lift, an inspiration aimed at achieving a goal. Continue reading

Area of interest

You must be deeply interested in the subject. Without this, your images will remain lifeless. If you, the photographer, are not interested in the subject, how can you hope that it will be at least somewhat interesting to the viewer? Passion begets passion. Your interest in the subject, your curiosity and passion are vividly reflected in your works and make the viewer empathize with your passion.

Imagine a person who is passionate about something. Anything, such as a historical reconstruction. Ask him to tell you something about his hobby, and it will be impossible to stop him. He will be able to talk for hours about the features of clothing, weapons, household items, about the intricacies of their manufacture, about the traditions and customs of the era that interests him. Continue reading

Why do I need a stock photo?
Stock photography is a photo image of good quality on a specific topic that is placed for sale in special online platforms-photo banks. Why do I need a stock photo?…


Color balance
The colors of objects that we see are not a property of the objects themselves, but a property of our vision. Grass looks green only because light rays reflected from…


What is a rural photo landscape?
The rural landscape displays a special style of life and everyday life of the village. Thanks to the photo with it, we can observe the harmonious coexistence of nature and…