Abstract photography
Abstract photography is a kind of art form, it shows things not in the usual sense, familiar to many, but in unexpected colors, shapes and lines. The photographer must abstract…

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When all else fails
Are you still unhappy with the sharpness of your images? Isn't it too much you want? A digital camera is basically not capable of providing absolute sharpness. Most photo sensors…

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What is bokeh?
Bokeh (English. bokeh; YAP. 暈け or ボケ – "blurring") is a characteristic of the aesthetic qualities of the image area that lies out of focus, i.e. outside the grip area.…

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Incandescent lamps (Tungsten or Incandescent)

Very cold balance, designed to neutralize the orange light of incandescent lamps with a color temperature of about 3000 K. Images taken in the evening under artificial light, in the Tungsten mode, begin to look natural. If you use this mode during the day, the frame will turn an intense blue color. Try adding 1-2 steps of underexposure to this, and the scene will look like it was shot in the middle of the night.

White balance-Auto
Auto WB. Under the light of incandescent lamps, a cat that is dozing seems to be bright red, but in fact it is almost gray. Continue reading

Geographical latitude

I am writing this in the most temperate climate, being in the fifty-fourth degree of North latitude. In the southern regions, the light changes much faster, both in the morning and in the evening. The Golden hour may not last an hour, but only half an hour, the darkness comes suddenly and you have to act quickly, trying to catch the light you need, and also take a pocket flashlight with you, so as not to jump on rocks in the dark, risking breaking your neck.

In the North, sixty degrees or higher, the sun moves in a gentle arc, extending the favorable time for photography. The closer the Arctic is, the more light there is in the summer. As well as mosquitoes and midges. Continue reading

Close up

A cloudy day is a good time for macro photography. This is an area where high contrast is rarely appropriate, while diffuse lighting makes the shooting process comfortable and controlled. It is worth mentioning that the color saturation large plans are generally superior deleted scenes, due to the decreasing role of atmospheric haze mutes the color, but also because of its abundance of colorful objects that we usually ignore because of their miniature size.

If the cloud weather can still impose some restrictions on landscape photography, then it can not interfere with the shooting of portraits in any way. Moreover, the soft diffused light is just perfect for quiet lyrical female portraits. This light masks skin defects, softens facial features, and provides smooth tonal gradients. Continue reading

The composition defines
Don't confuse composition with framing. Framing determines the direction of the view and the field of view, and composition determines the relative position of objects. By pointing the camera in…


Good pictures in bad light
Regularly photographing in natural light, it is not difficult to notice that a really good light (not abundant, but good) is a frustratingly rare phenomenon. Let's be honest: beautiful lighting…


Accessories and settings for taking photos in the dark
As you know, the darkness is arranged in such a way that it absorbs everything around it. That is why it is not possible to take a high-quality picture without…